A Normal Day

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A Normal Day

Post  Loyal Subject on Fri May 25, 2012 10:24 pm

It was a new day in the city of Little Springs. And, much to Jet’s delight, it seemed to be a sort of day where surprisingly no serious crime fighting was needed. Perhaps it was a holiday for super villains and the more serious criminals. Either way, it was a day off Jet much deserved. So with great relief, he entered and explored the city without his costume on (though it was readily available in his backpack should the moment arise). For today--or perhaps just a few hours--he was just Thomas. Not the superhero Jet who could reach one end of the city to the other within minutes. Just Thomas.

“And, what better way to celebrate than visiting my favorite burger joint,” Tom thought as he walked at a leisurely pace towards Greasy Joe’s. In a way, it was strange walking at a normal pace; he preferred to be there at the blink of an eye. But this was his day off and he was going to spend it as any normal young man would.

Tom was so excited to enjoy his burger and fries that he hardly noticed the young woman standing in front of the doors to Greasy Joe’s.

“Excuse me,” he said absentmindedly as he went to get the door for her. But she wouldn’t budge.

“Sorry, I’m not going anywhere,” she replied tartly. It was then Thomas noticed she wasn’t just standing idly by the front doors: she had handcuffed herself to them.

“Hey, what gives?” Tom asked irritably.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m protesting Greasy Joe’s. Got a problem?” the woman said.

“You can’t just chain yourself to a burger place.”

“I have a right to peacefully protest,” she objected.

“How is this in any way peaceful?” He didn’t want to have to do this but he flashed her his uncle’s badge. “Step aside miss.”

“No,” she replied defiantly. “If you want to get in, you’ll have to move my cold, dead body.” Tom rolled his eyes at this. Normally, he would have just used his super speed in a variety of ways to get this girl to move. He thought about walking away and changing his attire to get this crazy person to move but then noticed that from within Greasy Joe’s the manager was already making a series of phone calls. He had no doubt he was calling the police.
“Fine then, I’ll just wait,” he said, grinning as he began to lean on a nearby pole. The woman turned around to see what he had seen and was also staring at the manager making phone calls. But when the woman turned around to face Tom again, she seemed utterly un-phased by this as she continued to stare at him, frowning the entire time. People were now beginning to crowd towards the area to try and get a burger but after seeing the woman chained, they merely frowned or complained or both before walking away. Thomas guessed they weren’t that hungry then.

“You think you’re going to win by getting your little burger when I’m gone, but you won’t,” she finally said. And there was a hint in her voice that caused Tom to raise an eyebrow at her. “Do you know what’s in that burger you’re so desperate to eat?” Here, Thomas rolled his eyes.

“Look, I’ve heard this before and I’m still going to eat the cow. Sorry,” he said.

“You’re not eating a cow.” Her tone was flat but sharp enough to cause Tom to suddenly find what she had to say shocking. And, it was clear there had been some sort of expression on his face because she smirked in triumph. “You’re eating pink slime. It’s not even a real cow.”

“What?” he replied, completely in denial.

“If you don’t believe me, just go around back and check the kitchen.” She was now taunting him as her head pointed towards the alley where the kitchen door was located. Tom looked from the woman to the alley and then back to the woman as he contemplated her offer.

“What’s your name?” Tom asked. The woman was momentarily taken aback by this question.

“Anaea,” she replied.

“Well, Anaea, I’m going to go in the kitchen and prove to you you’re just a crazy tree hugger,” he said. While he normally wasn’t one for name calling, he had by this point had enough of this girl. Not only was she insinuating he was eating slime instead of a cow (he would think he would be able to tell the difference), but she was also completely insulting his favorite place to eat! And that was not cool. Plus, even her name sounded weird. Who names their kid Anaea anyway?

“Go ahead,” Anaea challenged and the smug look on her face only irritated him further. So Tom made his way to the alley though not without having another stare-down with Anaea. When he finally reached it, he knocked on the kitchen door. He had to knock a couple of times before someone eventually answered. It was a teenage boy who opened the door but he had opened it to throw out a pile of trash. Before either of them could say anything, Tom showed the police badge once more.

“I’m here about the girl in front,” he said, his voice giving the impression that he was genuinely there to help rather than spy on his favorite burger joint. “Can I speak with your manager?”

“Uhhh…yeah sure,” the boy replied. Clearly, he hadn’t been working there for very long. Or, he simply had no idea what he was doing. Before the boy could give Tom any sort of direction, he stepped inside, acting as though he knew exactly what needed to be done. The boy didn’t protest and continued his job of taking out the trash.
Once inside, Thomas set to work. He knew how to make himself go unnoticed in a place like this. Especially when most of the employees were eagerly waiting for the police to show up out front, momentarily ignoring their kitchen duties altogether or simply not paying much attention to what they were doing. Tom’s eyes immediately fell on the freezer where all the meat would be kept. No one was there. Quickly, he made his way towards it and opened the door careful to put some sort of prop in front of the door least he should lock himself out.

But there was no meat. Just large sealed pots. Tons of them. In the blink of an eye, Tom was opening one of the pots.

There were no words that could easily describe what filled the said pots. It was as though he were staring at the residue of the blob monster he and Quiver had fought recently. But even that could not accurately describe the disgusting nature of what was in the pots. In fact, he’d argue it was even worse than the blob. Tom always thought of himself as one who could easily handle whatever sort of food was thrown in front of him. But this, this was just absolutely disgusting.

Before he was spotted and before he lost his appetite all together, Tom closed the lid and left the freezer. When no one was looking, he scooted out of the kitchen at top speed before shutting the door. He then forced himself to trudge towards the front of the joint where Anaea was waiting for him. And she was smiling.

“Well?” she asked in a condescending tone. But Tom didn’t say anything. His glowering was enough for her to get the message.

A police car was pulling up towards restaurant. As the cop was preparing to get out of the vehicle, Anaea shuffled through her belongings and pulled out a key. With ease, she un-cuffed herself and threw her things in her bag.
She was about to make a run for it but Tom grabbed her arm.

“Oh no you don’t,” he said in a condescending tone. She tried to break free but his grip on her was tight. She then tried to kick him but he managed to avoid this with ease. In fact, he made sure to hold onto her until the cop approached the two. “I believe this is who you’re looking for,” Tom said.

“Oh, you again,” the cop said as he looked at Anaea. “Come on, you know the drill.” Reluctantly, Anaea followed the officer without any fuss into the police car. But she managed to glare at Tom one last time before disappearing from his sight.

So Thomas was left alone to enjoy his favorite burgers once again. But he didn’t go in. Instead, he walked home, completely and utterly disappointed. And heart broken.

The night eventually settled in and the criminals were back on the streets, ready to cause chaos wherever they went. Jet charged a man that was attempting to rob a store. The man didn’t even see him coming. When he got in front of him, Jet delivered a powerful, merciless punch that sent the man flying back. His partner in crime was making an escape attempt until an arrow whizzed by, pinning him to a nearby wall. Without mercy, Quiver punched him in the gut before he fell to the floor.

“Bad day?” she asked Jet as she looked over towards the man he had taken out.

“Yeah…” Jet replied. “You too?” he asked as he gazed at Quiver’s opponent.

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