Fan-Art Contest: Momo's Antics and Friends

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Fan-Art Contest: Momo's Antics and Friends

Post  Lee on Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:55 pm

Fan-Art Contest: Momo's Antics and Friends

1.) What happens when Momo, from Avatar The Last Airbender spots something in The Republic City that he must have? Is this object shiny, delicious, or interesting? And what animal friends accompany and help him out?

2.) Or if the first is not to your liking, draw Momo and animal friends attempting to unsuccessfully drive an Avatar vehicle.

The sky is the limit for your imagination as to how to go with this concept, but please keep it kid friendly and create a fan art solely for this contest. Pre-made works will not be accepted.

Because there are two opposite fan-art choices, a winner will be chosen from each side. Please let us know if you plan to partake in this contest entry.

So post your works here or inform us that you plan to. Winners will receive features of their art on DeviantArt or wherever else they may host their works.

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