The Forum Rules

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The Forum Rules

Post  Lee on Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:34 pm

We ask all of our members to know how to type in English in order to participate in our forums.

Forum Indecency

1. While this is a small community, we still keep to common forum regulations and rules. Under no circumstances should any other member harass another. If you have valid problem with another member, please inform an admin or moderator through a PM. Donít inform the public with a shout out, please keep these tensions between yourself, the member, and the staff if deemed necessary. Failure to do so can result in warnings and or bans.

2. There will be no flaming or flame wars of any kind. If a certain member is acting unruly, they will be dealt with. It does no good to fight back with a troublemaking forum member, because you will only feed to their fire. The best way to counteract a forum troublemaker or troll is to ignore them.

If a flame war is a result of a topic discussion which you or another are passionate about, we suggest ignoring them or keeping yourself level minded and mature while discussing the topic at hand. If such advice is not possible, we suggest ignoring those topics which cause you to become riled.

3. Spamming will not be tolerated. While our forum has been known to steer off topic, which is fun, we donít accept spam on the levels of one word posts. OK, LOL, LMAO, NO, YES and or excessive usage of emoticons cannot improve, encourage, or continue a topics discussion. Please make a conscious effort to provide worthy posts.

4. Please refrain from typing your posts in all or partial caps. Itís not really a rule which can be banned or warned about, but it is more aesthetically appeasing to read a post such as this;

ďHello, great weather today.Ē

Then this;

ďHeLlO GReAt WeATHeR ToDaY!?!?Ē

5. While our community is small, we still donít accept double posting. There are a few instances where it is acceptable as in your own topic discussion, an RP thread or story where it is needed, and other minor cases.

However donít post in a topic twice or more in order to accumulate your post count. Such an act will be viewed as spam and is an offense which one will be warned.

6. Certain words have been filtered in order for profanity and vulgar to be hidden. There are many ways around this limited censoring device. However this device was not used or made in order for members to find ways around it. If a member is found bypassing the filter, there message will be edited or deleted depending on how serious it is and they will receive a warning. If this act continues or is too much of a serious act, they will be banned immediately. If you see anyone engaging in these acts, notify one of the forum staff as soon as possible.

7. Because this forum is about the Avatar series and other RolePlays, the age of our audience is very broad. We have had and will have members who arenít of the age of 18. As a result topics, posts, signatures, avatars, and other miscellaneous acts of expression on the forum should not be of 18+ material.

Breaking rule 7 will result in a complete edit of the material and possibly a ban depending on how serious the situation at hand was.


1. Your choice of Avatar and signature is up to you, but keep in mind whatever you type or submit must be suitable for younger audiences. Mature audience material will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

2. Keep your signatures no larger than 350 x 150. They donít have to be these exact dimensions, but try not to make them any larger. Big signatures often stretch the forum and make everyoneís browsing experience less desirable.

3. Although Avatarís are not as much of a problem, keep their dimensions at or below 100 x 100. To easily meet these requirements, submit your pictures to a photo uploading site such as PhotoBucket or ImageShack.


1. Do not host the flash games created here on any site, created by you or not. As they were created in order for our forum numbers to increase, we would rather have you direct others towards the forum, if you believe the games are worthy of their attention.

2. The Avatar emoticon and sprites were not created by the forum or any of its members. If you want to use them for a different purpose then they were intended on these forums, you must ask first ask permission from the creator and read their rules.

You can read their rules, by following their website here. and here

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