My story :D. ( some adult humour and bad cuss words)

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My story :D. ( some adult humour and bad cuss words)

Post  karin on Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:25 pm

English Story

I sit shivering violently from the bitter harsh cold that can’t bloody leave me be! The cold stone floor numbs my almost bare body, stinging it like an invisible wasp or enemy. I cling on to my worn leather jacket as if it was my lifeline.
I remember when it wasn’t like this, when I was normal and had a warm cosy bed to crawl into at night, a shabby but sheltered place where rain didn’t find a way in. Alas those days are long gone, along with my family my friends, my life and my humanity. Yeah being a werewolf sucks ass.

My name is Scott Kennels, and this is my story.

Smash goes my alarm clock as I throw the dammed device with all the force I can muster, which at seven am in the morning isn’t too impressive, more so due to the massive hangover I woke up with. Still it insists on beeping. I swear the contraption is taunting me …I roll out of bed with a grunt and land on the jasper coloured flooring. I scramble like some retarded spider to my feet and stagger sleepily like a zombie over the red floor towards a broken cyan blue door, to my less than decent bathroom. I sway my hand clumsily until I get a hold of a light switch, and I tug at the cord hard showing I’m in a foul mood. I moan as my head aches thumping worse than drums.
I somehow, only damn God knows exactly how, stumble towards the rusty bathroom sink. Glaring grumpily at my reflection I look horrified into the reflective shard. God did I look awful - my skin dry and pale, my eyes coated in a dark layer from sheer exhaustion.

I start to brush my teeth but a sudden nauseous feeling in stomach causes me to discard the brush and grip my hands onto the toilet and thrust my head into the foul smelling bowl and puke into the germ inhabiting water staining it a disgusting shade of purple. My moneys worth of last nights alcohol popping up to say hi. I tumble backwards bracing myself with my hands. I grab onto the radiator and heave myself up. Then I lunge at the sink and grasp the slimy edge hanging off it drunkenly. I slowly let my right hand un-grip the sink then ruffle my hair causing flakes of snow to flurry around me.
Raising my arm like a chimp I conjure up the bravery to take a whiff of my armpits, Only to cringe and recoil then tumble backwards I really needed a shower. I punched the bright red hot water button placed above the sink diagonally of the shower and start to strip off quickly checking myself, muscles still firm and noticeable, manhood not shrunk, putting my typical masculine insecurities out of the way for the day.

I run my big rough hands through my scruffy russet hair, and I curse a few times as the shampoo I was massaging into my scalp trickled down into my eyes and was burning them. I curse a colourful symphony of profanities as I rub my eyes aggressively to try and soothe the stinging. I look at the mirror and pull my eyes lower to check the damage. I grumble slowly annoyed by just how bloodshot my eyes had gone. The pure raw redness made my pearly green eyes stand out malevolently, opposing colours and all that. I walk back into the shower only to yelp a rather bad profanity - the water somehow lost every bit of warmth that it had just a moment go. This was not my day at all.

I took the shower cold and then changed into my typical clothing, a plain short sleeved cream shirt and a pair of faded denim jeans. I slip on my fancy mahogany coloured shoes and then rush out the grabbing my college folder from the top of a small grand father clock in the landing.

I make a half-hearted pace towards the bus stop. There was no straight forward path to it from where I lived. I had to climb up a muddy slope (because in Swansea it always rains and the ground is always soggy and bloody annoying) then I have to march up a huge road, The local tight asses can’t figure out why I like to ditch the **** hole of a college I would like to see them be assed walking up that huge road in typical welsh weather.
Reaching the bus top I light a cigarette and take a soothing drag, I exhale the toxic blue smoke and watch it slowly float and disappear . I get some awkward glances from other college students, along with some distasteful sneers from some old farts. I give them the middle finger which causes a hostile but silent tension among us. Normally I would avoid the path and bus stop all together and opt to take my motorcycle to the college but I ran out of gas last night taking Ronnie home.

The bus is bloody late typical It showed up and took me along the cobbled grey trail called Dusk Road, which to me was a jade passage to a hell more commonly referred to as college.
I contemplate staying on the shitty bus and getting a burger from Garlands Pub. But just before I can agree to my own thought I see Ronnie AKA my best friend and the only person in the world who I give damn about. When my father committed suicide and my mother went loony she supported me and kept me sane. Some take her rather unconventional dress style as odd. I personally feel indifferent to fashion and other **** trivial things. Today her hair was the usual charcoal black with blocks of Lime green and streaks of various pink and red hues. Her burgundy dress looked similar to a Victorian frock, except for the massive dove white bow tied around her neck with some yellow lace ribbon. She spots me with her large oval turquoise eyes then waves her petite pale hands frantically, no escaping to town now so I get off and greet her.
“Yo Ronnie you orite or what en” she giggles and skips towards me giving a weak hug, to which I mumble at.
“Oi, stop it, people are going to start talking like”. She loosens her arms from around my neck and rolls her eyes with a little grin.
“Yeah, yeah wolfy.” she replied, apparently because of a vision she saw. Ronnie was quite special like that. It was quite common to see the eccentric fashion lover staring off into space, to most this was just another of the girl’s many quirks but I knew better. Ronnie was actually a clairvoyant Telling her about my families secret was easy, the fact all male members are werewolves. She saw me going to tell in her in one of her visions. She accepted the news rather easy, the fact that we’re both so different is what really keeps us close.

“So what did you enrol me in instead of art?“ I chuckled cheekily? I let Ronnie choose my subjects and I was never the arty type. So Mrs Embargo wasn’t happy to find me copying pictures from porno magazines and painting pictures of the college burning into ashes…mainly because they were lame, so I was ‘strongly advised’ to change subject before it was too late and I lost an A level. Not being one for paper work or talking to staff I let Ronnie sort it out for me.
“Well I looked over your subjects, P.E and sociology. So I thought what would go well with them that you could do. So um I put you in …she mumbled the last word so I couldn’t hear. “What” I growl I had a bad vibe over this. She made a face that held both worry and a Cheshire cat smile. “Ronnie what have you enrolled me in? Oi don’t you run off” she started heading towards the automatic glass doors running like a pixie over the grotty marble path. She was going to get it. I decided I was better off heading to the main office to get my new timetable. So that’s what I did. It wasn’t long till I got there it was on the first floor just past reception. I knocked the pinewood door rather loudly. “Come Mr Kennels” moans a soft raspy voice. I fling the door open as rudely as I can anything to annoy this broad. Miss L. Hoare . She was a ****, a ****, a narcissist and hated me more than anything else possibly could. She points to a decrepit old chair, checking for nails I sit down. I really don’t know how far this woman would go to cause me problems. I glare nastily at her. “I hate you too sweetie” she sniggers sweetly quickly shifting through some paper work. How she did so with those ridiculously long nails I didn’t know, “here we go” she yelled startling me. I glare harder. Just before handing over the document she stares at the sheet like it had a hilarious joke on it. “You in an apron ,well whatever floats your boat Scott!”
I stop glaring and snatch the sheet paper off her crippling it in the process. I look up at her. Her silky raven hair tied neatly back with a side plat fringe. Her slender electric blue cat like eyes narrow in on me as an annoyingly childish grin spreads on her plastic face.
“What the bloody hell is this!” I roar anger flushing my cheeks into rubies “Cookery?” I hiss. Ronnie was really going to pay for this. “Change it “ I demand in rude tone.
“Well as much as I would love…” Ms Hoare paused to giggle “to help you, you being my favourite student and all Scott, I can’t!” she closes her eyes and goes back to what she most likely was doing beforehand browsing the internet all day.
“Liar” I grumble lowly . She gives me a stern look and points to the door
“Get out I’m sick of you already you little obnoxious brat.” I give her wide grin and as she puts her head down I flip her a v with two fingers, just before she glances up at me with a scowl I swap them to the other side
“Peace Miss Hoare” I chuckle as a slam the door on her and head to Sociology , where Ronnie would be waiting ,. And boy would she get it.

A walk through the open door and scan the plain room . I then give an evil smirk at the girl in the seat next to me.
“Hello Ronnie” I mouth slowly.
“Look Scott I tried everything , even Public Services! They were all full or wouldn’t take anyone else on!” mewed Ronnie defensively. I take my seat next to her and make sarcastic face.
“Well your going to help me cause I bloody cant cook!” I mumble . Ronnie giggles like some faerie and impishly looks at me only to drop her jaw in awe eyes glued to the doorway. Suddenly a dark tall handsome man with a Spanish look to him glided into the classroom, his emerald eyes seemed to have entraced the whole female portion of students , ronnie included I snuff rolling my eyes at the sight of this . Girls were so fickle even though the guy was kind of …I shake head to dispel the horrid vile thought that almost entered my mind. “Hey Scott you okay?” questions ronnie looking a little confused. Realizing I’m blushing I stutter and hide my face in my left hand and grumble inaudibly “Stupid hormones” . I look at the guy and glare hoping to get off on a bad start , I didn’t like people trying to be nice to me especially teachers with there false kindness . He leaned elegantly against the desk. “ Greetings students , I assume all of you were suspecting your usual lecturer Daphne to be walking through the door but for reasons I am not permitted to disclose she wont be able to able to attend so I will be your new teacher in this most intriguing subject Sociology my name is Lorenzo Spada I’m sure we all get on just divine” sighs from every girl filled the room his in response to rugged Spanish voice seemed to have them all entranced like a cobra to its piper . It seemed to have hypnotic quality that lingered in the air like a pleasant , but forbidden scent. He let out a small chuckle , as if he were accustomed to the reaction . “ well if you all get out your texts books I will see I can pick up where Daphne left off” . I felt puzzled everyone was accepting this so easily but I didn’t get it this was all too weird for me. Something was off about this guy. His appearance too neat and his looks to tempting ..or maybe I was still just in denial .

The lesson had dragged out as the girls, mainly Jayne Stevens and Yoka Matsumoto . Were practically throwing themselves at Renzo , my new nickname for the ridiculously long name he had. Ronnie and me and made our way down to the wall outside to eat our food and for me to get a fag before the dreaded cookery class I had to endure next. As I took out my fag deck I looked up as all seemed to go silent . From the corner of my eye I saw Ronnie grin she knew this would happen from one of little daydreams. It looked like new kids were joining us. But not just any new kids these people must have been stinking rich. Parked a few meters to my right was a bright shiny Ferrari . The windows were dark and tinted hiding the posh gits from sight. The whole college were staring mouths touching the floor like stupid sheep. Gasps can be heard as the two doors open and two people gracefully step out onto the black jagged tarmac . Even I stare a bit in awe. From the left was the most hot , sexy broad I ever laid my perverted eyes on. Her hair looked like a golden blond cloud with streaks of lightning and gold glitter. It seemed to complement her soft beige olive skin as it swayed in the typical welsh wind. Her body was a walking hourglass with curves in all the right places and balancing the feminine example were sky scraper legs she must have been at least 6ft the air and skin matched the woman’s a sign to their almost obvious kinship . He had a square chiselled face with soft umber eyes like pools of whiskey , his body was slender but even through his navy cardigan anyone could tell he was toned and muscular. Like a cheatah. The lady held a nasty scowl across her face at aimed almost every guy possible while the boy seemed to be trying to unsuccessfully hide a smug grin from all the girls eying him up like a piece of meat.
I huffed making a smirk of my own. What the hell were people like these two doing in a crappy place like pewter college. No scratch that, what were people with enough money for a cowing Ferarai doing in Swansea . As the two italyions treaded over the cobble path into college muffled , excited whispers reverberated wildy like a sudden gust of wind. I roll my eyes and look at ronnie ,she makes a capricious and contorts her face into pleading expresion. “ Fine go on” I growl tediously. “ oh my gosh I cant get over it !!!!! That girl was like a walking Barbie doll but with great taste in dresses- , and that boy was a walking hunk have you ever seen such a angel among men , no offence Scott” nattered ronnie in an almost inconceivably short time-span . She kept babbling on for some time , I kept making the correct response to humour her , she needed to gets this out of her hears would have to bear her mindless gossip but my mind could be put else where. As we walked round the corner we both collided with someone I stayed standing bracing myself on a slightly ajar locker. Ronnie however went flying onto the hard marble floor , I swung my head round worry spreading over my face like a lethal virus . Ronnie was a delicate girl instinctively I snarled and turned my head only to see the two rich siblings she was so fussed about -speak of the devil and it shall appear-. The robust blonde had an annoyed, almost nasty look on her beautiful olive skin. she looked at me with a pompous glare “ your in my way , move it or lose it” her accent was deeply woven in her voice , but her English still crystal clear. I had never wanted to smack a woman until this point in my life but this was one woman I think I would consider making an exception for.and by consider I mean I had already decided.
I quickly dart my eyes towards the boy but make a puzzled reaction as he got on one knee and extended his arm to help ronnie up. Ronnies pale face was tinted pink from the blush that had swarmed over her like the clouds during a sunset.. “ Val shouldn’t you be more polite we were the ones rushing around a corner were we not?” he brought ronnie up off the floor. “ I am so sorry miss ?” he made a gesture for ronnie to say her name ,moving in a slightly forward circular fashion. I guess Italians really do talk with their hands. I blushed as the though leapt on a tangent and resumed my almost forgotten rage .

before Ronnie replied however the feisty bimbo knocked past me with surprising strength then snapped at the lad“ Romeo get a move on we havent got all day for you to talk to some walking gothic doll !” “ Shut your gob cow-tits” I growl at her . “ Ronnie” mewed shyly to Romeo suing the time gained from me and the scrappy blondes argument to answer the I presumed was named Romeo- oh god who actually names their child Romeo even in Italy sheesh- . He gave a faint but meaningful smile, that made me feel like barthing then made a brisk pace towards his sister who gave me a malicious leer. “ sorry for bumping into you miss ronnie , me and my sister are in a hurry please accept” Romeos sister interrupted him before he could finish and then grabbed his right arm swung him forward in front of her she then made a elegant , fast, haste filled stride to the exit , Romeo close behind. “ what a crazy **** family” I mutter with bitter rage. Then louder so they could hear “ it was a pleasure to meet you Blondie” I then rolled my eyes smuffering a grin as heard ronnie “ I don’t know I think. Romeo was nice” she had the hots for him. “ so ronnie tell me visions of romeo shagging half school in half , hel have his nuts drained if he doesn’t try to dress down” I chuckled , so what if I was overly crude not going to sugar coat nothing for anyone. To my surpsie though ronnie took some offence to my comment . “ NO romeo is sweet ! He wont sleep around like all the jocks and ..cant you just try to see good in someone for once”. she made a motion implying a storm off but seemed to decide against it. I walked head forward lips scrunched tight biting my cheek and poking my tongue into the bitten area to try and cope with the tension. I found it better biting my nails , found that a filthy habit. scratch that I find it THE most filthy habit.

“ sorry” I mutterd . Damn that girl sometimes she makes me act like a really care . She mad a sly foxy wrapped her arm around my waist ( simply because the couldn’t reach my shoulder) “ oh wolfy don’t you get it? Were even now he he” again her voice had a that naughty , pixie like pitch. It was worse that she knew what was going to happen I could tell…aw man. “ you don’t remember she said stopping outside a door. I looked puzzled her our class was further…no ..her class was I was in cookery “ oh no your still helping me “- interrupted by ronnie simply a series of simple swaying twirls and giggles. I mean its bizarre enough to stop a shark lunging at a surfer. She got behind me and suddenly she started to sprint , hopping along the jade passage , freaking the demon . That what she is a demon * im one to talk..* I think.

I turn around and stared into the fires of hell…well okay the closed oven doors but fire is fire and school is hell so fire in a school equals hellfire. That’s what I had concluded in any-case. Then I noticed the girl a few seats diagonally to me. My jaw dropped . “No freaking way” I groaned in disbelief . At that point she had noticed me too. “ what the hell are you starting at cur” snapped the person I most wanted to see . The big boobed blonde that knocked ronnie over. “ well I can tell form earlier your interested in my cleavage like the other eighty percent of the dogs in this school so what the hell do you want”. I gave her a wide eyed glare then made huff and microsecond grin before turning mky head rwesting my cheek in my right hand making sure that a certain finger was in her sight. Suddenly a flash of silver invaded my vision and a flux of sharp pain erupted through my nose. “ know your place boy” ahs she said she shifted her hand back and for. Hah I knew that gesture well enough. I glanced down and saw she had thrown a blunt butter knife -physco much O.o-.

The door opened before I colud lose it with her and to my surprise the cookery teacher Leona wasn’t the one to enter. Renzo was. “ your lesson is cancelled due to a very tragic matter the college is closed for the rest of the day”. the class had fallen under his spell like in sociology. Maybe it just this guy. Oddly I noticed the blonde I love so much , really I do, scowling at Lorenzo this puzzled me. Most probably was getting envious of him snatching her attetnion away. She turned towards to me and noticed I wasn’t gawking at him just like her. “ so please all leave the premises right away”.

I walked out the class and started to look for ronnie. It wasn’t long until I managed to find the art class. Ronnie was outside talking to ..Romeo. I really didn’t like this family. I knew pretty boys like him they messed with girls like ronnie. And then I messed with them. I walked up to them about to snarl a rather colourful sentence , I was stopped as ronnie dragged me away “ it was nice speaking to you romeo , call me”.

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